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Back-to-Back CDI's in Pilisjászfalu

Back-to-Back CDI's in Pilisjászfalu


The youngest entrant at the FEI Dressage World Cup™ in 's-Hertogenbosc

“It means a lot for me, and I am also sure it means a lot for my country”.


Recorded combinations, out of 10 Telent combinations 6 is from our stable.

III. age group:

Dallos Anna - Suprpice (Dóra LK, Pachl Péter)

Felvinczi Lilla - Dancing Queen BC (Arc Bef.Kft., Szeicz Erika)

Koszta Botond - Bicolor II (Xenophon LK, Dallos Zsófia)

Lőkös Lúcia - PR Rexton (Pannon Royal LK, Cserpák Beatrix)

Nagy Rita Laura - Jilzella (Dóra LK, Pachl Péter)

IV. age group:

Lázár Zsófia - Balerina Royal (Lázár Lovaspark SE, Dallos Zsófia)

Rajnai Emerencia - Shades of Grey (Dóra LK, Pachl Péter)