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The youngest entrant at the FEI Dressage World Cup™ in 's-Hertogenbosc

“It means a lot for me, and I am also sure it means a lot for my country”.


Successful competition in Slovakia

Our team finished their first competition of the season, with brilliant results and huge motivation for the upcoming competitions.


Recorded combinations, out of 10 Telent combinations 6 is from our stable.

III. age group:

Dallos Anna - Suprpice (Dóra LK, Pachl Péter)

Felvinczi Lilla - Dancing Queen BC (Arc Bef.Kft., Szeicz Erika)

Koszta Botond - Bicolor II (Xenophon LK, Dallos Zsófia)

Lőkös Lúcia - PR Rexton (Pannon Royal LK, Cserpák Beatrix)

Nagy Rita Laura - Jilzella (Dóra LK, Pachl Péter)

IV. age group:

Lázár Zsófia - Balerina Royal (Lázár Lovaspark SE, Dallos Zsófia)

Rajnai Emerencia - Shades of Grey (Dóra LK, Pachl Péter)