Unikornis - Kapu a világszínvonalú díjlovaglás oktatáshoz és nemzetközi versenyekhez

Események és hírek

Magyar Országos és PAVO Fiatal Lovak Bajnoksága 2021.

September 1, 2021


2021. október 14 - 17.

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CDN-B 2021. szeptember 04.

August 3, 2021


1 napos CDN-B verseny az Unikornis lovardában.

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CDI4*-W Ch/J/YR/U25/P & YH

May 17, 2021


2021. június 16-20.

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Moniqeu Peutz továbbképzés

April 12, 2021


2021. árpilis 23-24.

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Our Unikornis Stable is a professional Dressage Stable just 25km-s away from Budapest, offering world-class services with outstanding national and international trainers, for our riders to be able to reach world level achievements. We wholeheartedly welcome riders who have the talent, possibility and intention to train with well credited trainers.

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Unikornis Lovarda



Besides providing the best fooding and best place to train at, we also provide a service, unique in Hungary, seminar weekends with international 5-Star and Olympic Judges. These trainings with internationally respected trainers contain theoretical and practical trainings.

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Options for horses to stay in are now freshly renovated and painted indoor and traditional boxes. In our stable the emplacement and feeding of horses are a priority. Next to beautiful outdoor scenery for walks the stable has 20 x 60 meter indoor arena, a 22 x 65 meter top quality tent with special grounds, with mirrors and extra lighting. We also offer a horse solarium, a horse walker, a washing area with hot and cold water, pasture and paddocks.

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