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Our Story

Our Unikornis Stable is a professional Dressage Stable just 25km-s away from the center of Budapest, offering world-class services with outstanding national and international trainers, for our riders to be able to reach world level achievements.

In 2020 the Unikornis stable won the right from the FEI to organize 5 European Dressage Championships for Youth and for Ponies.
Organizing 5 Championships in line has never happened before.
We started with the Children and Junior Championships followed this with the Young Riders and U25 riders and last, but not least the line was closed by the ponies.
We put a lot of work into making all Championships a success, renovated the footing in all arenas, electricity system, new fix ground for the mobil boxes with extra rubber cover under each box.
The work invested in organizing such a huge challenge paid off when we saw satisfied and happy faces.

Our Stable in Holland

To comfort You about our high level of experience, please visit our Dutch Dressage Stable’s website to glance at our successes in one of the world’s top dressage competitions in Holland

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Our Team

Cristofol Marques Llorens

Noemi Baro Arroyo


Jázmin YOM TOV