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Back-to-Back CDI's in Pilisjászfalu

Back-to-Back CDI's in Pilisjászfalu


The youngest entrant at the FEI Dressage World Cup™ in 's-Hertogenbosc

“It means a lot for me, and I am also sure it means a lot for my country”.


Well done!

Our team finished their first competition of the season, with brilliant results and huge motivation for the upcoming competitions. The horses proved to be well prepared for the tests and managed to get high scores in the Slovakian Motešice.



FEI INTERMEDIATE 2   70,49%  FEI U25 GP 70,38%, ridden by Noemi Baro

•Il Mondo:

FEI INTERMEDIATE 2 72,25%,FEI U25 GP 71,11%, ridden by Cristofol Marques Llorens


FEI 4 year old 78,2% ,  ridden by Cristofol

•Lord Leicester:

FEI 7 year old final 72,99%, ridden by Peter Edmar

•Fawzia Binti:

FEI 6 year old preliminary 77% final 80,4% ridden by Peter