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FEI Olympic Group C Qualifiaction event 2023 Pilisjászfalu

FEI Olympic Group C Qualifiaction event in Dressage was allocated to Pilisjászfalu, Unikornis stable


Gratitude for the development of dressage

Mr. Arie Yom-Tov in gratitude for the development of dressage in the CED area


Our philosophy is, that all horses need to gain competition experience in a young age. Competition experience is not only important from the aspect of a horse’s development in skills, but also gives them a huge bonus in confidence. In the beginning of October, two of our horses traveled to Slovakia to take part in this season’s first indoor competition.  


Maxrava,our 5-year-old gelding by Desperados, showed exceptional ground cover in trot and got placed in all competition days.


Lamborghini (High Five U.S X Olivi), our magical stallion managed to win on Sunday with an 8.7 on his incredibly powerful canter, among several talented young horses.


Our rider,Peter Edmar said the following after the successful competition:

„Both horses were in good condition and managed to show their outstanding quality during the two competition days, taking all new challenges as professionals.”