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CDI-W, CDICh/J/YR/U25/P & CDIYH Central European Championships

CDI-W, CDICh/J/YR/U25/P 14-18. May 2024.



CDIO3*-NC, CDICh/J/YR/U25/P CDIYH / CPEDI3* 08-12.May 2024.


Rodolpho Riskalla's motivational presentation & horse show at the Unikornis stable

A very successful performance was witnessed by our visitors who took part in the presentation and horse show given by Rodolpho Riskalla in our stable.

Rodolpho started para-riding for the first time 5 years ago, after recovering from an infectious meningitis and spending 1 month in coma.

He lost all the fingers on his right hand, partially all the fingers on his left hand and both legs had to be amputated below the kness.