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Jazmin Yom-Tov & Zodinde U25 Freestyle March 2020. Lier

Jazmin Yom-Tov & Zodinde U25 Freestyle


II. Winter Cup - First round

16 - 17. February 2019.


Great prizes for the winners of the two-round competition with atotal amount of 6000€ and this year a car is offered as a special prize!

International and national judges: Eva-Maria Vint-Warmington(EST),Jacques Van Daele (BEL), Maja Stukelj (SLO), Yuri Romanov (RUS), Peter Engel (GER), Eugenio Rovida (IT) and Ilyés Csaba, Berényi Miklós, Budai Andrea from Hungary.

Categories: Pony, Children, Junior, Young rider, Young Horses,U25 and GrandPrix