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CED Young Horse Championship

CED Young Horse Championship 12-15-May 2022.


CDI4*   Ch/J/YR/U25/P  &  YH                    11-15  May 2022.

CDI4* Ch/J/YR/U25/P & YH and CED YH Championship 11-15 May 2022.


At the beginning of September, our riders competed in the World Breeding Championship for young horses.

Peter Edmar, Noemi Baro Arroyo and Cristofol Marques Llorens have competed with 3 exceptional 4 yo horses.

All horses were in a super form and managed to perform well among the best 4-years-old horses in the World. Their performances led to precious placings in the small final of the World Championship.

Now, these young horses enjoy their well-deserved holiday before returning to work and working on more complex elements for next year’s 5-year-old category.

Congratulation to all riders and horses, we are looking forward to the future!