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Unikornis Spring Cup   CDN-A/B.

21 - 22. March 2020.

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FEI CDI3*-W  Ch/J/YR/U25/P  YH                13-17. May 2020.

World Cup competition with 4* & 5* judges.

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National dressage competition with 4 and 5 star international judges, just one week before our World-Cup event.

The Unikornis stable is under a continous impovement to provide the best conditions for the riders who come compete to us.

We improved the quality of the footing in the inside arenas and the four season footing in the outside arenas. The floor for the mobil boxes has a new base and we offer fix boxes for stallions during the competitions.

If you need any help with your accomodation please feel free to contact us.

Take a look for this short video about our last year' two round Winter Cup.